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Reset Form FEDERAL FINANCIAL REPORT 1. Federal Agency and Organizational Element to Which Report is Submitted Follow form instructions 2. Agency use only Standard Form 425 OMB Approval Number 0348-0061 Expiration Date 10/31/2011 Paperwork Burden Statement According to the Paperwork Reduction Act as amended no persons are required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB Control Number. Federal Grant or Other Identifying Number Assigned by Federal Agency To...
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Who needs an SF 425 Form?

A Form SF 425 is a Federal Financial Report, also labeled the FFR, issued by the OMB - Office of Management and Budget. Those who receive federal funds are obligated to file this form to report on the status of grant funds or agreements of assistance.

What is the SF 425 Form for?

The SF-425 form is a consolidated federal cash and expenditure statement. It is required by the OMB to track the status of the financial data related to a particular federal grant award. In fact, the Federal Financial Report (FFR) Form SF 425 has replaced two other reports: the Federal Cash Transactions Report (form SF-272) and the Financial Status Report (form SF-269). The FFR creates government-wide standards for reporting periods and due dates.

Is the SF 425 Form accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to supplement it with any other documents with the 425 PDF form. If the report is intended to cover multiple grants, the FFR is required for each grant.

When is the SF 425 Form due?

The form’s SF-425 due dates can vary depending on the period type of the federal report. The SF 425 reports can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly and final. Quarterly and semi-annual reports must be submitted not later than 30 days after the reporting period has ended. The submission of an annual report is expected not later than 90 days after the reporting period has elapsed. Final reports are due not later than 90 days after the project or grant period end date.

How do I fill out the SF 425 Form?

The Federal Financial Report is a one-page fillable form. Nonetheless, it requires careful and thorough consideration of compulsory contents and calculations.

The upper part of the completed form is designed to furnish the necessary information about:

    where the report is being submitted,

    Grant (identifying number),

    Recipient organization (name and full address),

    DUNS number and EIN,

    Recipient account number (to indicate how the recipient organization identifies the grant),

    Type of the report,

    Accounting basis,

    Period of the project or grant funds (start date, end date, and reporting period end date),

    Transactions (requires an indication of the cumulative amount received since the inception date up to end date of the reporting period).

They are subdivided into several categories:

    Federal cash,

    Federal expenditures and unobligated balance,

    Recipient share,

    Program income,

    Indirect Expense,



Where do I send the SF 425 Form?

The completed SF-425 Federal Financial Report should be sent to the recipient's FMO (Financial Management Office). A copy of the report should also be made for the recipient’s records.

Hello and welcome to the administration for Native Americans tutorial on the standard form four to five the purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate step-by-step the correct way to fill out this form as it pertains to a na you can also find written instructions in your a na post-award manual that was distributed at the post-award training or you can download the manual from the an e website and with that let's begin due dates the date your reports are due depends on which program area your project falls under native language grants mi and PM are awarded earlier in the year than the outlet program areas so they will have different report period end dates and report due dates these charts give you a general idea when reports are due which you should always defer to any clarifying email sent by na for your actual dates a few reminders it is important to submit your reports on time reports are automatically date stamped upon submit all late reporting can adversely affect your project for instance grant amendments cannot be processed if your reports are not up to date also final reports are due 90 days after the close of your project and will be cumulative for the entire project period what you will need to fill out the form the first thing you'll need is the sf-425 grantees that have other federal grants should recognize this a fillable PDF form can be found on the white house comm website important things to note this is not the same as the division of payment management federal financial report and the short version the sf-425 a is not acceptable for your reporting requirements to a na the second thing you're going to need are your financial records gather your financial records for the budget period you're reporting on these can include the FF bar report - DPM accounting for all expenditures any program income and non-federal share you should also have a copy of your current notice of grant award an indirect cost rate agreement if applicable as you may need to refer to it and a note about the personnel filling out your form it is important to have your authorized organizational representative available to sign off on the form to submit this is especially important if the AOR is different than the person filling out the form grantee information we're going to begin by blowing up the top portion of the four to five forms everybody can see it clearly for box number one you're going to enter HHS / ACF / amy for box number two we're going to enter our grant number for those who haven't committed it to memory yet it is located in box number three of your notice of grant award boxes three for a and for B are self-explanatory they are your name and address of your organization your Duns number and your EIN number box number five is an optional field box six you're going to select the type of report you're submitting an email longer requires quarterly reports so your only options are semiannual annual and final select some Ino reports for the first...
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